Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pat Beehler makes the debate for the organization that already spent $1,347.50 on him

Pat Beehler couldn't show up for the debate hosted by the non-partisan organization. But, heck, the Olympia Master Builders are hosting a forum, hells yes Beehler's showing up!

Oddly, Karen Valenzuela didn't show up to the forum hosted by the organization with closeclose ties to the Building Industry of Washington. In the past few weeks, OMB's political action committee spent $1,347.50 on independent spending for Beehler. Maybe they decided on the spending before the debate, maybe they didn't. Either way, Beehler's their dude, surprised anyone else at all showed up to this one.

Also, funny that Will Stakelin, OMB's and BIAW's man running for the port commission got some pretty neat free exposure by "hosting" the "debate."

And, Beehler's answer on how he'll balance the budget? Literally (I'm not making this up): Magic!

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