Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I agree with Karen Veldheer, homosexuality is not a sin

A much better answer to the question Rob and I raised earlier:

WIP: There’s been some discussion on the local blogs regarding your faith, and the possibility that it will affect your position on equal benefits for city employees with same sex domestic partners. Could you put this in perspective for WIP readers? What is your religious affiliation, and what influence will it have on your policy positions? And specifically, what is your position on same sex partner benefits?

KV: I support the city policy for equal benefits for same sex domestic partners. I am a member of the orthodox Presbyterian church and my religious faith will have no bearing on the decisions I will make as a civic leader on the Olympia city council. I believe in a separation of Church and State. Further, the state of Washington provides over 200 civil rights, many of which are very important to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered communities, and I support these laws as well.

Which, of course, she never says that being gay isn't a sin, just that her faith doesn't inform her political beliefs.

Just to be clear, I disagree with my church (up until recent months I was receiving communion at St. Mike's Catholic Church and have been raised Catholic) on their position regarding homosexuality. Karen may very well believe being gay is a sin, but still support gay rights.


Anonymous said...

So....is Karen Veldheer pro-choice? The five kids, the homeschooling, the separation of the private and public realms regarding partner benefits, blah, blah, blah. Does this woman believe in choice?

Anonymous said...

Does it matter? Can you think of any decisions which city councilmembers may make in which their feelings about reproductive rights will play a role?