Monday, October 19, 2009

Push poll out there against R-71

Literally just got a push poll against R-71 on the phone a few minutes ago from an organization called "FPIW Action" (their phone number is 888-314-9416).

Here are my quickly taken notes from the poll:

The opening statement was negatively couched description of the state law, that while technically true gave was written to prompt a negative reaction. It presented the referendum as homosexual couples receiving rights without requiring responsibilities.

The first question was whether I was aware of the referendum and the second was whether I supported it. The last three were trying to place me in the political spectrum, asking if I was pro-choice, if I would vote Democratic or Republican in the next congressional election and the last if I considered myself a conservative, liberal or moderate.

And, while they said it would take 60 seconds at the beginning of the call, it took twice that long.


Anonymous said...

According to my timer, the call took 1 minute 8 seconds...

Christine said...

I just got the same call. I hope I will go down in the "not one of our friends" category. Bigoted old busybodies need to live and let live.

Bern Haggerty said...

I just received the same call. It used the word "homosexual" about a dozen times, and I had to wait and listen carefully to be able to say I vote for "other" instead of Democrats or Republicans. Sponsored by FPIW Action. After 8:00 PM on a weeknight, when my kid is already asleep--there oughtta be a law against nighttime telemarketing...actually I think there is such a law. I think they wasted their nickel on me, and I wonder how they decided to pick me as a possible "no."

David Hirning said...

unreal... yet not surprising.

I'm with Fuse Washington, and we're working hard on R 71 and other big issues in this election. Check out our Progressive Voters Guide:

We put this together with a bunch of other progressive groups. If you have no clue on the Port of Seattle races or want to see your analysis of some of the other races, go to our guide.