Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thurston County chamber off track (more copied forum thoughts)

Ahem. AHHH Hem!!!

Why are candidates for the Olympia City Council, appearing at a forum in sprawling Lacey at the Worthington Center sponsored by the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce? Do they really expect Olympia residents to attend?

The Thurston County Chamber still doesn’t understand that we have three separate cities in this county - - not just one.

Those wanting to hear the Olympia City Council candidates could have attend the recent meeting of the League of Women Voters which featured all of the candidates for the Olympia City Council. It was at the Olympia Center, which happens to be in Olympia.

Additional, non-copied snark: Actually, we have five cities and two towns in Thurston County. Do we expect the residents of Yelm, Bucoda, Rainier and Tenino to drive all the way up to Lacey or Olympia in the middle of the day? Or, at night?

Seriously, I think its ok for folks from Lacey to drive a few minutes into Olympia and vice versa, but we have to stop pretending this is a Lacey/Oly fight here.

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Anonymous said...

You may be mistaken.The Port Commissioner and County Commissioner races are being featured at the Oct 14 Forum. According to the Thurston County Chamber's website ( "...two of the hottest races in the county will be featured. Thurston County Commission District No. 3 candidates Pat Beehler and Karen Valenzuela will be highlighted as well as Port of Olympia Commission District 3 candidates Dave Peeler and Jeff Davis."