Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lets not talk back to people, so they can feel brave enough to talk to Rhenda Strub

Janine Gates' thoughts about how Olympia city councilmember Rhenda Strub can be a meany sometimes are posted up at Olyblog early this moring. Here's the important part, I'd say read the whole thing too:

...I feel compelled to comment on Councilmember Strub’s inappropriate tirade against a Mr. Steve Segall who testified before you last week. It doesn’t matter what he testified about, but in this case, he was giving his viewpoints, with the best of his knowledge, on homelessness issues and dog park funding.

Ms. Strub, as we know, it is hard enough to get people to come to city hall and get up the nerve to speak publicly about anything. Your verbal attack toward him personally, and against his testimony, as I watched it live from home on TCTV, was shocking and unwarranted.

I would like to thank Councilmember Joe Hyer for immediately expressing his opinion that Mr. Segall had every right to speak to city issues - if he hadn’t, one could think that Ms. Strub spoke for all of you.
Here is audio of the actual exchange.

Ok, maybe Rhenda was being a bit pointed, but you can't at all argue with her logic.

Olympia does spend a lot of money on the homeless and a lot more than the local government of which Mr. Segall is a citizen. He has every right to come into Olympia or Lacey or Tumwater to give his thoughts (and he's obviously not shied away from coming into Olympia).

So, yes, for Pete's sake, let's let Mr. Segall commute in from the suburban sprawl out in the county to give his public comment. And, if he's way off base, have a city council member correct him (maybe in a more friendly tone). But, don't pretend that is was some major sin. Being active means having people disagree with you.


Mark Derricott said...

Her point was valid, but I think her delivery offset that entirely.

I listened to Strub's comments and was surprised at how vicious they were. SS, according to Strub, "finger wagged" and "lectured"? I disagree entirely. He may have been in front of the wrong body for the argument he made, but he still has a right to testify (as does anyone).

If there isn't some history between these two, she was totally in the wrong. Even if they have some undisclosed rivalry or personal matter, she should leave that at the door in her capacity as a city council member.

Don't misunderstand, I do think her point was offered to be constructive, but that's not how to get people to adhere to valid points.

Emmett said...

There is some history between the two, mostly over the Larida Passage issue, but this isn't the first time they've crossed paths.

Rhenda said...

Yes, Rolandovich, there is history between Segall and me. But, it is not "undisclosed" or a "personal matter". It has all happened in public. Very much in public. Simply put I resent this man using the dais at Olympic City Council meetings to bludgeon his political rivals. That is all he is doing. If he really cared about the people he claims to care about he would share his message with his own local elected officials. How do I know he doesn't? I just searched the minutes and he has not once (I only went back a decade) spoken at public testimony in front of the Thurston County Commission. He also has not visited Lacey or Tumwater who are not contributing nearly as much to social services as Olympia is--that on a per capita basis not just total dollars. They are two cities nearby that he also does not live in but could speak to just as he speaks to Olympia. The guy is grandstanding and trying to bully elected officials in a jurisdiction where he cannot vote. He did not innocently come to the wrong chamber that night and make a mistaken argument. He has done it time and again and he did it that night just to gloat over the outcome of the election which was cruel to the losers who are still serving out their terms with grace and humility.

Amanda Jessop said...

"Talk back"? Try "attack." Grow up, Rhenda. Demonstrating civility while on council isn't necessarily just for the benefit of the person you are addressing. You need to start thinking about the consequences of your actions on all the people you serve, many of whom have no inkling of your history with Mr. Segal. Put your anger and disappointment aside, and start developing the qualities of both a diplomat and a leader. If you're not ready to put the interests of the community you serve before your own emotions, then perhaps you're not suited for the job and you should resign.

Rhenda said...

Thanks for the advice, Amanda. Your words seem hateful and mean spirited but I'm sure you are just trying to be helpful. I appreciate your concern. Really I do.

--Rhenda "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" Strub

Unknown said...

It doesn't take a hateful person to criticize Rhenda. I think Gandhi would have an easy time of it these days.