Thursday, December 17, 2009

Can the Tea Baggers scuttle Jamie Herrera?

Well, this is interesting news. The most interesting thing so far I've seen out of the new, exciting and open WA3:

Our resident political opportunist, Jaime Herrera, is an interesting person. She portrays herself as something of a conservative. But a questionable voting record serves to make me wonder. Is she exaggerating about that the same way she exaggerated about her background to get the appointment in the first place?

My complete familiarity of her appointment process and the horrific manipulation of it was something I'd mentioned in the past. This made it pretty clear to others with information exactly where I stood.

So, we begin with today's tidbit: the fact that Jamie Herrera appears to have been ACORN'S Representative in the House.

ACORN and SEIU are synonymus with leftist thuggery of the variety we've seen practiced over the past several months in support of Obama. Who hasn't seen the tapes of ACORN's corruptive influence?

Well, here's a few of the votes that Herrera took that tends to show exactly where she stands on those issues important to the SEIU... and, by extension, to ACORN.

It seems like conservatives down Vancouver way were ready for Rep. Herrera to get into the race so they could start painting her.

Last time around, the Republican chamber of commerce centrist got beat out by the Ron Paul sort of candidate. This was despite her getting the endorsement of the organized Republicans in the district.

So, if one of Herrera's opponents can raise a little money and tie her name with ACORN in the district, is she toast?

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