Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Should Zach Smith run for the state legislature?

Via email this morning:

Dear friends,

As you may already know, there will be a vacancy in the 22nd District House of Representatives. Voters in our district have enjoyed a long tradition of strong representation on the hill. I am confident that with careful consideration and good planning voters will continue to elect candidates that represent and aggressively pursue issues important to our community.

I have taken the first steps to form an exploratory committee to determine my viability as a candidate and ultimately your voice for the 22nd District Washington State House of Representatives.

Please contact me with your ideas, thoughts and any input you think might be important regarding my candidacy for this position.


Zach Smith

What I know about Zach Smith:

He's a super involved local Democrat, serving in several capacities in the state and local Dems. He's a pretty smart and nice guy, but when it comes down to agreeing with him on things, I usually differ.

Ok, I agree with him on the public policy issues that most Democrats agree on, unions, spending, etc. But, where we differ is in the part machinations stuff. So, on things like the Top Two primary and caucuses, he and I differ.

Which isn't a bad thing entirely, its just how things are.


Matthew Green said...

Wait, you can't leave it there. What exactly are Zach's positions (as best you know) on the things you and he disagree on? That may help folks decide whether they want him to run.

Emmett said...

Well, that's sort of the point, I don't remember the particular issues I've disagreed with him on. Generally, I think I agree with him on almost all public policy issues.

But, I have a distinct memory of almost always disagreeing with him on issues that dealt with governance of the local party organization.

I like to think of myself as being more open and transparent, so I guess I'd say Zach is more organizationally minded, if that makes any sense.