Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Timberland non-fiction tweeting and twitter level tech support

If you follow my twitter feed, you noticed earlier this week that I've been featuring a book a day from Timberland's recent non-fiction RSS feed. This is in a way to try to publicize that Timberland gets a lot of new books, and indirectly publicize the feed, but to also try to do something innovative to support the library.

I'm also assuming there are non-fiction nerds out there that might appreciate it.

Not sure how innovative it actually is, but no one else was doing it and that's enough of me patting me on the back.

Here's the really funny part. When I first started posting the updates earlier this week @epersonae noticed that my links weren't actually going to the book, but rather just to some "you're lost dude" page at TRL's online database. For some reason, when you get a link to a particular book via Timberland, it isn't a permanent one. Sucks for sharing.

Then, @ahniwa came along and found a couple of solutions (the second seems way easier to me).

This is going to be a some what typical story of someone coming along in twitter and helping you out with something. I've gotten help like this before, but its always beautiful and nice when it happens, and very much worth mentioning.

Worth mentioning most is that @ahniwa is a library employee, but not for the library that I was trying to link to. He works for the state library. Anyway, good twitter y'all.


ahniwa said...

Hooray for social crowd-sourcing power! Not that it's what you were going for, but you got it, anyway.

Us librarians are always trying to meddle and solve problems. Anyway, glad I could help!

ahniwa said...

Ooh, also, Timberland is getting some catalog software updates in the coming months. I told them a nice, visible "permalink" in the item record would be helpful. :)

Jim Anderson said...

This nonfiction nerd is certainly appreciative.