Monday, November 01, 2010

Olympia Time reborn! (and, did you notice the new header??)

Well, maybe not so strong as that. But, back to blogging on a regular basis here at my home blog.

I'll try not to take such a long break next time, but 2010 has been sort of busy, and its not like I haven't been blogging, just not over here so much.

The time off did help me refocus on what I want to do over here. In short, here is how I'll refocus myself:

1. Politics, eh, not so much. Unless something is really interesting, I'll not write about politics much here.

2. Deep map of Olympia. PrairyErth is one of my favorite books. Not because of the particular topic (Kansas, eh...) but of how the topic is treated. Williams Least Heat Moon drills down into each little portion of a Kansas County, exploring it from the inside out. That kind of treatment of a particular place interests me, so I'm going to try to write more history here.

By the way, the new header is a detail from a Sanborn Map of Olympia in the late 1800s. The detail is of a gulch that used to stab deep into the current capitol campus. The old greenhouse and sunken gardens are now on top of that now filled gulch.

Sanborn maps are pretty cool, and you usually have to pay to see them. But, the Timberland Regional Library grants you access to all of the maps for Washington.

3. A zine. Olympia Time, the Zine. This is more of a promise to myself than a goal, but since I've been getting involved with the library, I've fallen in love with the zine format. So, I'm going to start doing four zines a year based on things I've written about on this blog. Promise. I have an editorial schedule and everything. So, hopefully the first one will come out within a month.

4. Local sports. I have this concept inside my own head called "real sports," which is the shadow land of competitive sports in between youth (including high school) and the kind of stuff you see on television (including affiliated minor league baseball). So, anything like small college sports, independent minor league baseball, or high level amateur soccer. So, now there are two examples of this (beyond the local colleges) around her: the Puget Sound Collegiate League and Capitol City FC. Hopefully, I'll try to write more about these organizations.


Karan said...

Good luck! I'll be here!

agathafrye said...

Very excited about the zine idea. Let me know if you need any help.