Friday, January 21, 2011

Trying not to get worked up by the metonymy of Olympia this year

At least not on the blog. Twitter is where I'm letting off steam. But, there are a few things worth mentioning.

1. Chad Akins has surrendered. While he still wishes we could "earn our star," I think we should earn it not by letting the state off the hook for who they elect and where they spend their official time.

2. The Seattle PI is doing a very bad job with their Olympia Watch (boooo, no link for you), Dominic Holden at the Stranger has had one offense (gets off with a warning), and the Spokesman Review's Jim Camden is doing a super job. WA Lege is an awesome way to put it. That's a big difference when Rich Roessler ran their Eye on Olympia blog.

You know, I just realized Slog is tagging all of their state capitol posts as "Olympia." Now they're just as bad as the PI.

3. Bully to all the folks on twitter using #waleg. You are my heroes.

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