Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 Northwest Book Mission: my Northwest Shelve

In the past few years I've been in the habit of noting a book of local interest and then filing it away for later reading. While they've been a large part of my reading list for years, since my time to read has been narrowed, they've been falling by the wayside.

So, this year, for no other reason that the list of books to read has gotten to long, my book mission is to polish off as many of these as I can. Here's the list of read and to-read books so far. The big ones I've tackled so far have been Winter Brothers, Breaking Blue and the Big Burn. I was actually surprised by how good a read Winter Brothers was the second time around (didn't even get through the first chapter on the first try).

Also, I should be posting my reviews here as well as Goodreads. I have a "on second thought" review of the Big Burn, which I'll try to post today.

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