Friday, February 18, 2011

There's something going on here (people writing about Olympia)

After awhile of the Olympian shrinking and Olyblog be-bopping along after a couple of pretty good years, there are a few things worth noting about people writing about Olympia.

1. Everyday Olympia is back. More centered now just Mathias, it is back at least. I'm sad all of the old content is disappeared, but at least the site is moving forward.

2. I've pointed it out before, but Olympia Power and Light is on the internets. Yeah, this is important. I wish now they'd do a podcast. That would be cool, Matt Green and Meta Hogan talking every two weeks about Olympia and the most recent issue.

UPDATE: I didn't notice that Matt Green is co-hosting Joe Ford's KAOS show, which I suppose is a sort of podcast, minus Meta. It helps if they keep on posting the mp3s too.

3. Now, the important pieces: Thurston Talk is here. Its actually been around for awhile, but now they're actually hiring a writer to write about Olympia. When was the last time we heard of someone being hired to write about Olympia. Big deal.

4. Olympia NewsNW shows how varied this entire local writing about Olympia scene can be. Based on news in context (I'm still not really sure what that means other than it being pretty cool what they're doing), I'm hoping they start doing stuff on a regular basis.


Deane said...

Nice post... I'm continually adding new blog about Olympia area that I find over at

I'd like to somehow organize all these sites into one great website.

Any ideas of what might work in that regard? Ideally I'd like to set something up that would sell ads to generate revenue for local eco-restoration projects.

Be well, Deane

NetBloke said...

It is exciting that people are passionate enough about Olympia to write about it online. Whether it be regularly or sporadically, it helps put Olympia on the map.