Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Book pictures from my Powells trip

I go to Powells every few months, and this time it was to spend down some Christmas giftcard money. In addition to three books (Content, The Laurels Are Cut Down and The Good Rain), I got these off dust jackets of books I didn't buy:

Archie Binns, the sailing pimp:

And, the only photo evidence I've ever seen of Gordon Newell, probably the best historian of Olympia ever:

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tom hyde said...

This is an interesting post in that I do wonder from what sources is the history of Olympia being written today. Perhaps that is an awkward way of saying history is written everyday. But with the relative impermanence of online content, and the decline of print and the everyday storytelling of the community's greatest historical archive, the newspaper, what of today will be preserved? From where will the Jeffers photo archive of tomorrow come? What steps does the library take to preserve the history of today being written right now, or is that even a practical role for the library in the digital age? Thinking out loud ...