Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Olyroads.com, certainly bigger nerds than I am

Their response, certainly parsing it more than I did. Point taken though:
It appears you're describing the differece between a native app (compiled and installed on a device) compared to hybrid and web apps. All three as classified as mobile apps. Wikipedia describes a mobile app as "...software which can be used on a mobile device. It also refers to the creation of special web and applications for mobile devices."

Many of Google's mobile apps are web apps running in web browsers on mobile devices, and Apple has a large collection of web apps on their website. Of course, Apple has popularized native apps and focus all their energy on their App Store, which only contains native apps which they can monetize better than web apps. But it wouldn't be accurate to say web apps cannot be mobile apps.

Olympia Roads was designed specificially to be used on mobile devices and was first released for the iPhone. Then it was modified to become a website. No further development is planned at this point since it serves the purpose it was designed for, but there may be enhancements in the future based on user feedback and the number of people utilizing the app. Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for improving OlympiaRoads.com and maybe we'll decide more development is in order.

Thanks, and take care!

- Olympia Roads Team

Who are these guys, though?

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