Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holy cats, in my previous blog life, I was a jerk

I'm manually scrapping the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine this morning for old posts from my previous local blog "Oly News Boy" (killed off sometime in 2004). And, man alive, I was a jerk. I know I probably thought the way I wrote back then, but damn Emmett, calm down, would you?

Here's an example:
See? SEE? I told you that Matt Heins was a freaking stupid candidate.

I knew something like this was going to happen, the law would eventually bite him in the butt, and for God sakes, he deserves it. Wasting our time like this, making the Position 3 race go into a primary like that, wasting the "tens of thousands of dollars" that he says that he's not going to raise, so I guess the freaking laws just don't apply to him.

"I know it was a form, but I didn't know it was a legal requirement." Nuff said.
My memory is fuzzy now, but I suppose Matt Heins ran for city council. Boy, and I suppose I was mad at him for not filing forms correctly.

Anyway, "Nuff said" Emmett? Who are you, Stan Lee?

Here's what I've saved so far. The plan is to repost them on the archive of this blog, so you'll get everything in one place. Stupid mid-20's Emmett and all.

One lesson learned, I have learned not to delete blogs without saving them. God bless the good folks at the internet archive, but I cannot for the life of me remember why I deleted Oly News Boy.

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