Sunday, January 08, 2012

Not so sure about the "Denny Heck" district either

In the business, they've called the new 10th CD the Denny Heck district, but I'm thinking Alex Hays might be more right. It could also be the Dick Muri district:
Muri is a Pierce County Council member who lost handily to Smith last year, but his campaign chairman Alex Hays said the 10th – which ranges from Shelton to Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and then north to Lakewood, Sumner and University Place – favors Muri.  
“They think they’ve drawn a Denny Heck district but they’ve accidentally drawn the perfect Dick Muri district. It’s roughly two-thirds in Pierce County and he’s a Pierce County councilman …” Hays said by telephone. “Even against Adam Smith who outspent Dick by [five] to one, he prevailed in Pierce County … The voters in the county have a really positive view of Dick Muri.’’
Last time around, Muri actually beat Adam Smith in the Pierce County portions of the old 9th CD.

On the Thurston County side both Democrats (Smith and Heck) did much better, but there are fewer votes to share on that side of the map. Also, there are some precincts that were in play in 2010 that won't be in play this year. I'd be interested in seeing a precinct by precinct breakdown, comparing 2010 Heck with 2010 Muri in the new 10 CD districts.

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