Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Planning commissioner blogging from Olympia and Lacey

Both Olympia and Lacey have at least one planning commissioner blogging about public issues. That's where similarities diverge. For example, take the posts from each on December 5, 2011.

Lacey's Raymond Payne: Politicians Should Be Honest About New Norm:
Our politicians continue to sock it to us with higher taxes and fees, then still expect us to go out and spend. Spend what? We saw that during the LFD 3 levy lid lift request. Supporters said, “you can give up that latte to pay for this added tax.” Maybe they drinking a Latte a day, but most people don’t.
Olympia's Mark Derricott: OPC: December 5, 2011 Regular Meeting Agenda:
The major item is the Shoreline Master Program with the setbacks and potentially heights along the shoreline as presribed in the draft chapters of 5 and 6 of the SMP. Most of the deliberation will be comprise a vote on setback limits that did not result in consensus in the previous SMP Subcommittee meetings.<
Whereas both cover public issues, Derricott's posts almost rabidly focus solely on his role as a planning commissioner (sometimes in very deep detail). Payne has almost never talked about the planning commission, and as of tonight, never actually talked about the business of the Lacey planning commission.

Just on the face, Derricott is the planning commissioner who blogs while Payne is the local political blogger who is also a planning commissioner.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Payne has done nothing for the community, that's not self-serving. He is a constant victim. He is a man that hates government, but has received every paycheck from government for the last half of his life. Biggest hypocrite in OLY/LACEY/TUM.