Monday, February 06, 2012

Olyblogoshere links for February 6, 2012 (late links)

Well, I did post one olyblogosphere up on Friday, but that's not a true link post. But, people seem to be interested in the topic. And, if "Lunch Scholars" was a spoof, then they did a bad job labeling it.

1. Krista and Jess come late to the blog post about the weather party, but the pictures are well worth the click through.

2. Olyeats combines two things I like. Well, she always does the slow back in to talking about food blog post thing (which I always like). But, this week she also does the categorize Olympians thing, this time with the "OlyGrrrl au Natural."
The mantra of the OlyGrrrl au Natural is ‘Love your mother (earth)’. A free spirit, her home (if she has a permanent one) is co-housing or a bus parked on someone’s property on the West Side. Her news source is Democracy Now! and she probably enjoys listening to Scatterlings of Africa and the Polynesian Hour on KAOS. She is most definitely a wanderer, likely hailing from somewhere else originally. The open and communal atmosphere, the beautiful natural surroundings and the great hiking drew her to feel at home in Oly more than any other place at the moment.
Red more here.

3. Over at Thurstonblog, sidrat38 has a great commentary the day after the state house's vote on marriage.

4. For my taste, Cecelia Carpenter is one of the best historians with a local focus ever. But, One Pissed Off Vet does a decent review of a book that covers the ground Carpenter spent a life covering.

5. The legislative building with Mt. Baker from Paul T. Marsh (@PositivePauly) on flickr. This made me think of the historic possibility of Whatcom County running off with the capitol. I'm not sure they were ever really in the running, but still a great picture.

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