Monday, February 27, 2012

Olympia blogosphere links for February 27, 2012 (only three links today. But, they're awesome)

1. I've been waiting for a decent link from this blog for a little while. And, now from Jamaica to Olympia, and we're not good hosts:
Americans don’t know how to make you feel at home in their country. There are constant reminders that I am not from here and while I could care less about those who choose to hold that against me, it is still something you will never have to encounter as a Jamaican in Jamaica. I tell everyone the reason why I love Washington so much, and in particular the Seattle/Tacoma area, is that I feel less out-of-place here than I have felt in any other place in the United States – and I have been to many places in New York, D.C., Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Maryland. Here, I feel less like a black girl married to a white man and more like Camille than I have since I left my home in Jamaica.
2. I don't want to give Ken his own post on this, mostly because Ken didn't write the press release that I have an issue with. No, radio was not the original "social media." Talking to someone in front of you was the original social media. Radio was the original technological broadcast media, which is the opposite of social media.

3. "FREAKING ARTHURIAN MYTHS," which is preceded by "but I work at Radiance, okay? I've lived in Olympia for decades").

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