Friday, February 03, 2012

Olympia High School's "Lunch Scholars"

This is really only interesting (and therefore more depressing) because I found it at HuffPost first (featured at Hill Buzz too) and then realized this was most likely filmed at Olympia High School.


I'm about 95 percent sure its Olympia High School.


Anonymous said...

I go there. It is.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is Olympia High School. I'm a senior there, luckily there were more people to answer right than wrong, but it is still hilarious, especially if you know who they are!

Anonymous said...

It's a spoof, like Jay Leno's Man On The Street, being taken faaaaaarrrr toooooo seriously, fulfilling preconceived notions that kids and teachers these days are failing at the basics. Betcha a bunch of adults couldn't answer what some consider 'basic' questions--particularly pertaining to driving rules when pedestrians are in a crosswalk or specifics in the Constitution of the United States.