Thursday, March 22, 2012

Olyblogosphere links for March 22

1. Bus Driver appreciation day? Sure!

2. Speaking of books (lots of books last week), Wolf Tales blog has a new book too!

3. Mark isn't signing up for the planning commission again. Hopefully this means he'll be blogging about non-planning commission things now.

Best part of the post:
The OPC, just like the other groups I mentioned, does impact our lives, though those impacts aren’t often apparent to the casual and sometimes even dedicated observer. Even when one is interested in the instrumentalities of community governance, there is a huge learning curve. Thus, the job of someone writing about a planning commission as a piece of the larger context is exceedingly difficult, but that is a challenge I intend to undertake. As you’ve seen by now, I’m interested in the theory as well as its applications and I’m not sure exactly where we’ll end up. At least we can take pleasure in the knowledge thatinterminable deliberations like the SMP have not dissuaded me from moving on to subjects of interest in the meantime.

4. Bike hut at the westside co-op. Thank goodness this hut isn't replacing a patch of grass or dirt, because the westside would have a problem with that.

5. And, "Self-Titled" is a hipster video.

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