Saturday, March 31, 2012

Olyblogosphere links for March 31, 2012 (people coming to Olympia edition)

1. A blogger comes to Olympia, visits friend, enjoys self, spends money downtown. Please, visitor and business folks, peruse this post and look for clues to get more people to Olympia to spend money.

2. Then this other blogger comes to Olympia, walks around, entertains himself with portable technology and doesn't buy a damn thing. What's his problem? Again, visitor and business sector folk, please look for clues to why this guy didn't spend any money.

3. And, the plumpalate reminds us that this really is the time of year for shellfish. The Oyster Light season is quickly coming to a close, so before the sun starts shining too much and the water is too warm, get yourself some bivalves. From plumpalate:
Something spontaneously good may worm its way forward and that’s when you snatch it up. That’s what happened at Olympia Seafood last week. I went in to get last week’s smoked salmon and came out with something else besides. Something slightly intimidating: mussels and clams. I’d never made shellfish before. But Tony, the owner, told me these were collected that very morning at Totten Inlet. This was not a moment to resist. 
So I didn’t know what I was doing. But the recipe he gave me sounded so easy, I thought I couldn’t mess it up.
4. Its probably worth the effort to watch Walt Jorgenson's videos (one, two and three) of the SPEECH media roundtable last week. I watched mostly through the intros, then got distracted. Hopefully, I'll pick it back up in a few days.

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Justin Barlow said...

That second blogger didn't spend any money because he was/is hopelessly broke. :p Otherwise, he'd have loved to.