Thursday, April 26, 2012

Olyblogosphere links for Thursday, April 27, 2012 (home sick edition)

1. I could've mentioned this in the last update, but Terrence Knight (remember "The Sitting Duck?") is back.

Remember when he left? I wasn't too impressed. I'm still not all that impressed, his website is pretty bad. Needs some work. Like, its not 1999 sort of work. It seems like it would be harder to update html page like the one he's working on than update a page like the one he has set up here.

But, the videos themselves (shooting ordinance, Jim Lynch reading) and this article deserve praise. Good effort,  but help your readers and get the with the times.

2. Olympia Food Bloggers Bake Sale! For the Food Bank! Tomorrow (Friday, April 27) Both the Plum Palate and Pure Hunger are pointing this one out. Get yourself down there.

3. Its spring time, so its then time for Griffin Neighborhood to talk all about Scotch Broom.

4. And, shoot, everyone listen to this: a pilot podcast from David Raffin. Technically speaking Raffin does have podcast already, but its typically short clips from comedy shows.

But, this one is a proper podcast, with Raffin and a straight-man, topics and the whole thing. Its still very much David Raffin, but its the sort of long form podcast that I wish he'd do more of.

And, this is just me talking, but if Mathias Eichler were to start some sort of Maximum Fun podcast empire, this sort of long form Raffin is something I could get behind. Mathias is a busy man already, though.

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