Sunday, April 22, 2012

Olympia blogosphere links for April 22, 2012 (rarity edition)

1. Rock show at the library. Isn't exactly a rare thing, but man, only in Olympia, right? Snazzy Bouquet: Now I want a donut.

2. Happens so rarely, but this blog has something worth linking to. Thurston Pundits: Honoring local greatness

3. Steven Willis, of Evergroove Fame, goes back to Evergreen for a lecture. This sort of thing, when a local Evergreen alum connects back to the campus, happens too rarely. Morty the Dog: Evergreen Lecture.

4. Rare thing that a local business (thanks to Mathias) comes up with a blog posting idea that isn't just "hey look at this not so interesting project. Eyes of South Sound.

This is cool too me especially because for some reason I've been the guy in my family that was sent up on the roof for chores. Those roof shots are super cool.

5. And, something that doesn't fall into the rare theme at all, Janine Unsoeld writes an exhaustive post about the Scott Yoos thing. Little Hollywood: Scott Yoos Trial Scheduled For August 13

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Local Greatness in Olympia is indeed a rare thing.