Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Olyblogosphere links for May 22, 2012 (Special web video edition)

1. This is the video that made this update happen. I just could not wait. Jim Foley running for judge in the city of Oly. I kid you not.

2. Then two updates from Your Daily Hour With Me. First, just to nod of appreciation that they've made it to 600 episodes.

Then, their epic interview with the 10 Minute Show's David Scherer Water.

3. And, I suppose to round out this web video themed update, Evergeen is 40 years old. And, they're adding "Greener Stories." This is a pretty interesting one, if also pretty quiet.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Olyblogosphere links for May 18, 2012 (Nature! Nature! Nature!)

1. Protect Nature (or an empty lot with trees) with the new Save LBA Woods blog.

My first impression is that they could've thought of a different name. LBA stinks as a park name to begin with (Little Baseball Association), but LBA Woods implies the area they're trying to save has anything to do with the park, other than being next door.

2. Starhill Farm has Seedings!!

3. A sort of old update from the Bees, Birds and Butterflies blog on some infosheets they posted. Its a good blog, so worth the almost month old link.

4. Super cool post from Nick Strite on Capitol Lake:
What I think is just another example of we self-centered humans is the concern for the aesthetic values of the lake. People who are for the lake staying a lake value it for its appearance.
The lake is aesthetically pleasing and people firmly believe that it does bring in business and boost Olympia’s appeal. The strongest argument for the “keep the lake” side is that if an estuary were developed that it might destroy business downtown because of the loss of this attractive body of water. That is something no one can predict. It is moderately plausible that business would be affected but it is not possible to predict unless it were actually made into an estuary.

5. And the Accidental Naturalist on Vaux's Swifts in Olympia.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Abe Lincoln, Facebook and the Satsop News

News item from the 1854 Washington Pioneer in Olympia. Local lawyer Ruddell with massive foreign turnips! Read all about it!

Wait, this is news?

The fake news that Abraham Lincoln filed a patent for a newspaper like Facebook in the 1840s is funny in the sense of how many people fell for it. Its also interesting in how its actually true in one sense.

It wasn't so much Abraham Lincoln leading the charge, but Facebook was something that existed in the 1840s in newspaper form.  There is a certain type of content that newspapers were full of through the early 20th century that today's papers ignore.

What we look back on today as "social columns" cover the same territory that our social networks today do.

I've had this blog post in me for awhile. In the late 90s, I worked at the Montesano Vidette. One of my weekly, late-deadline jobs was (including the police reports for Elma and McCleary) was sometimes to type up the "Satsop News."

Through at least the 1970s, the Vidette ran columns from most of the small non-town communities in eastern Grays Harbor County. Satsop, Brady and a few other places each had their own "news" column written by a local.

These columns would include typical social news. Someone came for a visit, someone went to Seattle. Lunch was had at Mrs. Smiths.

By the time I was at the Vidette, the Satsop correspondent had moved five miles down the road to a mobile home park in Elma. The news came hand written on note pad paper. Sometimes a young relative of our correspondent would drop the news off and at least once I drove to Elma to pick up three hand written pages.

I wish now I'd kept one original version as a keep sake, but at the time I resented having to edit the copy to a version that I thought was usable. I resent my own memory now of not leaving it be.

I don't now how she came about the news from people who still lived in Satsop. Seeing briefly where she lived and how she seemed, I can't imagine she got around easily on her own. I imagine her calling a handful of friends each week, asking about what they and their families were up to.

The similarity between her columns and the social columns from years ago that I come across from time to time when doing research is striking. Maybe its my memory conforming to my current thoughts.

This sort of soft news, the sort of self-supplied social lubricant is something that newspapers have been walking away from for a long time. It seems to have been replaced with gossip-centric celebrity news. Facebook doesn't seem to be doing too bad though making it a central part of their business.

It seems like that in the era since reporting and editing became professionalized and newspapers became corporate and seperated from their communities, they also forgot the vital role of the social column.

Its not that the generation growing up on social networks is narcissistic. Sharing news of yourself and your own family and friends is not an act of narcissism. It is an act of a healthy social world and civic culture. It may not be interesting at all to people who don't know you, or your children. Posting pictures of your family out to dinner isn't at all striking to people who don't track your daily life. But, to your friends who know your middle child just got over a sore throat that kept you at wits end for a week, a dinner out is big news.

And, big news is big business. It was to J.W. Wiley and A.M. Berry, who ran the Washington Pioneer in 1854. We aren't now no more narcissistic than S.D. Ruddell and his massive fifteen pound turnips.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Olyblogosphere links May 7, 2012 (Mega Arts Walk edition)

1. Calavara.com has a pre and two post (one and two) Arts Walk posts. The best part is the in-Arts Walk art.

2. Mark over at Notes on the State of Olympia states the obvious. But, its worth repeating a lot:
The Arts Walk on the Friday night before Procession is the realization of Olympia’s potential.
Tonight, we’ll embrace standing on the sidewalk; we’ll experience something new, unexpected; and we might even find that elusive place downtown to have a glass of wine with one’s friends.
3. The Flat Win Company was on hand, selling something.

4. OlyMEGA was open.

5. Trixy was there.

6. Lots going on at Kitzel's too.

7. Doris at Thurston Talk posts up a short piece on encounters.

8. And, boy, we haven't even gotten to Procession yet. Here's Mojourner Truth's Insect Sect.

9. Walt Jorgenson, who of late has been the guy who goes around town and takes long videos and posts them on Youtube, does just that with Procession. Part 1 and Part 2. Here's another one by katyoneil.