Friday, May 18, 2012

Olyblogosphere links for May 18, 2012 (Nature! Nature! Nature!)

1. Protect Nature (or an empty lot with trees) with the new Save LBA Woods blog.

My first impression is that they could've thought of a different name. LBA stinks as a park name to begin with (Little Baseball Association), but LBA Woods implies the area they're trying to save has anything to do with the park, other than being next door.

2. Starhill Farm has Seedings!!

3. A sort of old update from the Bees, Birds and Butterflies blog on some infosheets they posted. Its a good blog, so worth the almost month old link.

4. Super cool post from Nick Strite on Capitol Lake:
What I think is just another example of we self-centered humans is the concern for the aesthetic values of the lake. People who are for the lake staying a lake value it for its appearance.
The lake is aesthetically pleasing and people firmly believe that it does bring in business and boost Olympia’s appeal. The strongest argument for the “keep the lake” side is that if an estuary were developed that it might destroy business downtown because of the loss of this attractive body of water. That is something no one can predict. It is moderately plausible that business would be affected but it is not possible to predict unless it were actually made into an estuary.

5. And the Accidental Naturalist on Vaux's Swifts in Olympia.

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Jayne Ark said...

I agree that LBA Woods isn't the most inspiring name, but at the moment it does a good job of helping folks understand where it's located (not to mention pointing out that it's adjacent to a current park... and wouldn't that just make a lot of sense for a future park acquisition project?)

Once we're closer to really getting the park, maybe we can come up with a more exciting name. Merryman Park? (It's on Morse-Merryman road) Or we could name it Trillium park, as an ironic nod to the name of the g-dawful development proposed to go there... In the meantime, think of LBA Woods as its working title.

Oh yeah, we're on facebook too! (

Thanks for the shout out!