Monday, May 07, 2012

Olyblogosphere links May 7, 2012 (Mega Arts Walk edition)

1. has a pre and two post (one and two) Arts Walk posts. The best part is the in-Arts Walk art.

2. Mark over at Notes on the State of Olympia states the obvious. But, its worth repeating a lot:
The Arts Walk on the Friday night before Procession is the realization of Olympia’s potential.
Tonight, we’ll embrace standing on the sidewalk; we’ll experience something new, unexpected; and we might even find that elusive place downtown to have a glass of wine with one’s friends.
3. The Flat Win Company was on hand, selling something.

4. OlyMEGA was open.

5. Trixy was there.

6. Lots going on at Kitzel's too.

7. Doris at Thurston Talk posts up a short piece on encounters.

8. And, boy, we haven't even gotten to Procession yet. Here's Mojourner Truth's Insect Sect.

9. Walt Jorgenson, who of late has been the guy who goes around town and takes long videos and posts them on Youtube, does just that with Procession. Part 1 and Part 2. Here's another one by katyoneil.

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