Monday, June 18, 2012

Olyblogosphere links for June 18 (best video about Olympia railroads ever)

1. This video left me speachless. Basically, its a story about an old timber railroad through what is now the South Puget Sound Community College campus on the westside.

But, its also a story of cross discipline and real world learning at SPSCC. Great, great stuff.

2. Sarah at the Snazzy Bouquet has the sort of post that describes This Town. Nice.

Really, though. I feel compelled to blockquote at least this passage:
Last night's scene in downtown Oly. All-ages punk action, just like it was 21 years ago, when I (by some miraculous twist of fate) poked my head in the side door at the Capitol Theater.

3. Funwater Awesome (though not technically Olympia) put up a post for the first time in almost a year, then promptly let his domain expire. Boo. You can get his the Funwater zine at the library though.

4. Over at r/olympia on reddit, people are getting phone calls for a survey about whether they'd "support or oppose a 0.1¢ sales tax measure to support local PD, Fire, and neighborhood watch programs, and if I would support or oppose a $12 million bond measure to build a park on the isthmus." Boy, what a time for Olympiaviews to call it a day, huh?

5. Speaking of local politics, I tweeted something Rhenda Strub pointed to about who someone thinks was behind those horrible fliers from last fall.

6. Don't you love what Mark Derricott is doing with his blog lately? The meeting updates bum me out, but I love these project specific posts (Olympia Hilton Gardens and Downtown Olympia Mixed Use at Quince and Fourth Ave).

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