Saturday, September 29, 2012

Southern California taste for sale on Johnson Point

Holy freaking best kept secrets of Thurston County! Can you believe this even exists around here?

And, that at least according to the public information on the house, it was built in 1911? Well, not this house really. It probably looked a lot different back then.

The story of how this house came to be apparently begins in the early 1990s when California entertainment executive Charles Brack (who died in 2010) bought the house. Because Brack had some legal issues with his neighbors involving his bulkhead, we're able to read a little bit about what changes the house underwent:
The Bracks purchased the property at the tip of Johnson Point, immediately adjacent to Grundy's property, in 1991.
The Bracks extensively renovated and expanded the existing house on their property between 1993 and 1998.
Calvin Brack's son-in-law, Keith Gibson, testified that the Bracks have invested approximately $8 million in remodeling the home and structures on their property. 
The Bracks' property included four separate tax parcels when they purchased it. Grundy asserts the Bracks raised the bulkhead to create dry land for building sites. 
The Bracks contend it was necessary to raise the bulkhead in order to complete planned landscaping.

What I was most interested in was what the house looked like before the Californians got their crack at it. From the state Department of Ecology's shoreline photography program, I was able to find these two shots (from 1992 and 1970):

Here's a zoom of the 1992 image:

Significantly different than the post-Californian version.

And, in terms of the owners (the Bracks), they seem to be pretty interesting themselves. Charles Brack, until 2006, was involved in running KDOC, an independent television station in Orange County. He was listed as CEO of the station when it was sold.

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