Monday, April 15, 2013

Views and shorelines (olyblogosphere for April 15, 2013)

1. Not really from the blogosphere, but I'm not sure if anyone else has pointed to the really interesting videos the city posted from their shoreline discussions. These are two visualizations side by side of what certain regulations would look like in terms of actual buildings.

2. Speaking of views, both Stevenl (at Morty and Olyblog) and CIAguy have been sharing historic views of the Capitol from various vantages and vintages.

3. Mojourner Truth blogs about the impacts of the coal port in the future of the northwest in someone's community:
I've never lived by a coal port, and Olympia is too small to be in the race. But I do drive Route 14 up the Columbia from time to time, I have tried to sleep in Stevenson as the plains rumble through, horns blasting, and it's hard to imagine how a massive increase in traffic would be tolerable.
If a coal port happens--and the relentlessness of North American capital suggests it will--the lucky winner will likely learn some hard lessons. Many of the construction jobs will go to outsiders, and operations won't generate the employment or revenue expected. At Cherry Point, we've already learned that the proponents' initial statements about the volume were a fraction of what they really plan, that there will be twice as much traffic and pollution. Friendly promises will be reneged. Coal, being a global commodity, may become more profitable (leading to increased shipping), or the bottom may drop out (causing jobs to disappear from time to time). Even if you support coal power, does it make sense to sell our reserves to China, whose import policy is partly to protect their own for the future?

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