Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Day! (Olyblogosphere for May 15, 2013)

1. Just a little old (vintage 2008), but the insight is pretty interesting on downtown and how to make it better. Some people are happy the way downtown is now.

2. May Day report #1 (from Mr. Tom Hyde): "As the TV news crews and other journalists trailed in their wake or marched along the sidelines with phalanxes of police, I couldn’t help think it was all so … pointless, and more than a little pathetic - for the disorganized protesters with an incoherent message and seemingly absent worldview (“fuck everything” is neither a particularly brilliant nor achievable solution)..."

May Day report #2: Dumb Kid with a Skateboard.

May Day report #3: And, no Olympia event would be complete without Your Daily Hour With Me.

And, the fellow who had the run in with the anarchists at Evergreen posts his own May Day report.

3.  Ducks reclaim the west side streets a few days early.

4. Also, one of the most sad posts ever on one of the most common feelings in Olympia ever (over at r/olympia): Why People Leave Olympia.

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