Monday, September 09, 2013

What we're all concerened about right before the city election (Olyblogosphere for September 9, 2013)

The somewhat under cover debate on a low income shelter somewhere in northern Thurston County finally surfaced in August when a possible location on the eastside of downtown. Here are a sampling of the Olyblogosphere discussion so far.

1. Ken has a fairly well written explanation of what the prevailing opinion would be of people living east of Eastside:
Most of us think that all homeless people are drug addicts, mental patients  and alcoholics, but fully 80 percent of our homeless are just that – homeless – and without the problems associated with drugs and alcohol.

They are often homeless for a short period of time before finding some place to live.
But, it’s the drug addicts and the alcoholics, which we most often find living on the streets, pan-handling and making downtown Olympia a place to avoid.

Many people, me included, think that the City of Olympia goes out of its way to encourage the homeless to hang around downtown.   Most social services they need are located in the city’s urban core.  And, the city is always looking at more money for social services.
2. Rob Richards points to a map and a list of downtown businesses that support the shelter.

3. I've seen my share of quickly put together super-local neighborhood level websites complaining about certain issues, and of course there's one for the proposed low income shelter on 10th. Here's a particularly well done post, taking on the claims of NIMBYism pretty quickly.

4. Plus! North Thurston beat Steilacoom in football. But, the most fascinating thing was the twitter spit in your McDonald's hamburger that happened later.

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