Monday, November 18, 2013

Death, renewal, sweet death (Olyblogosphere for November 18, 2013)

1. Diggers Outlast Geoducks? Really? The entire world of clam related humor open to you and you go with Diggers outlast Geoducks?

2. Utah2 on r/Olympia went for a nice walk. I love getting to the tops of those hills. They're small, but man, what a view.

3. Apollo's Pizza used to be a really neat place. Somewhere along the lines, things changed. I sort of agree with welfaretaco on this one, the economy is a bit of an excuse. You changed, not us. Either way, Morty has a couple of posts on the end of the west side place. With one great memory:
One of my best recollections was around 2007 when there was a bad storm and the power went out. Ian had a bicycle helmet headlamp he lent to you guys so you could continue working in the kitchen since the ovens remained hot and we all ate by candlelight. 

4. Not really a blogosphere link, but just in case you were looking for a little deep reading about Olympia, here comes the Community Renewal Area. I'd explain it, but I'm mostly just posting it here to remind myself to read. Also, Walt went to one of their meetings and taped it.

5. A starling died in Mojourner's front yard. Good for you Mr. predator bird, kill that foreign interloper.

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