Monday, November 04, 2013

Whales and the fall are coming (Olyblogosphere for November 4, 2013)

1. A whale came south to Snazzy Bouquet's inlet.

2. Ken tracks the downward trend of the print Olympian.

3. Calavara writes about what he donated to the OFS charity auction.

4. Before the hammer came down on fall, Camille took the bikes out:
In any case, it was so much fun being out, breathing the fresh air, feeling the wind in my face (even as frozen as it felt to begin with), taking in the scenery in our little faux-rural community … even the burn in my thighs felt good. Invigorating doesn’t quite say it enough. And so hubby says we’re getting up early every morning from now on to do it again and again and again …

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