Thursday, January 02, 2014

Olympia Time in 2013, so what did you think of the new way of blogging here?

So, this time of year seems a good a time as any to ask, but what did you think of Olympia Time this year? I'm not sure how many noticed, but I started on a regular schedule of blogging about April or May this last year. Two posts a week, which turns out to be eight or nine posts a month.

I've kept to a handful of topics, mostly local history and blogs. But, I've stretched out to include Cascadia Exists too. These posts explore the political or social patterns that already exist in our region.

I also dribbled out much longer written pieces that didn't really have a home on the blog. I finally polished them up and put them together in a free (or pay what you want) book.

For the time being I'm going to keep up this pattern, two posts a week and every other Monday an Olyblogosphere. The posts under the Cascadia Exists header are getting long and numerous enough that I might try stitching them together into something more coherent (another book!) by fall.

I hope your 2013 went well, and I hope all the best for you this year. And, I know your dying to know, so here are my favorite posts I wrote since I started the new regime:

1. Better Bob Bunting

2. The long history of the Seattle Freeze

3. Thoughts about loss and oysters

4. Why won't those damn kids just obey the will of our Grecian columns?

5. The time when the King County Arts Commission complained about the cultural insensitivty of the Seahawks logo

6. Sue Gunn reconnected the ends of the Cascadian political spectrum 

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