Thursday, March 20, 2014

Empty downtown Olympia

No one lives there:

Seriously, downtown Olympia is in the same category as my neighborhood, and I live in an unbuilt wasteland where people wish there were taller buildings

 WastBut, of course, when someone talks about building a seven story building in our empty-of-people downtown, people speak up, because this is some sort of horrible thing. Like we should be protecting parking lots from the evil expansion of multistory housing.

I can't speak to his stats, but David Scherer Water, makes a striking point about how downtown has changed as Olympia has expanded:
Less than four percent of Olympia’s population lives downtown. This is the lowest this ratio has been in the City’s history. A hundred years ago more than half the population of Olympia lived downtown. Fifty years ago it was about ten percent. Today 96% of our population comes downtown to visit, to shop, to party and they leave. I believe this is the source of most if not all of the complaints commonly made about downtown. We need more people to live downtown.
 Density is good. People living downtown is good. More people living in a dense neighborhood means fewer cars, more people walking and more services and good things downtown.

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