Monday, March 24, 2014

Everyone hates the Olympian, everyone hates Nazis. These two things are very much not the same, obviously (Olyblogosphere for March 24, 2014)

1. On one hand the pro-People's House people hated the Olympian's editorial.

2. On the other hand, the anti-People's House people hated the Olympian's editorial. At least we all can agree on something.

3. Here's Rick taking us on a ride around South Puget Sound CC.

4.The person who runs the Nuit House (who knew it existed?) points out that 200 people would like to relocated to a low cost home for artists.

5. Hey, go back up to #3 and think to yourself, speaking of old time Olyblog people. Our favorite Sarah from McCleary is back. Apparently spurred by the reappearance of Nazis in Olympia, which is obviously a sad event. But, its good to have Sarah back in the saddle. Boy, it was almost 8 years ago now that the Nazis and Sarah first crossed swords.

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