Monday, June 30, 2014

Lost things (Olyblogosphere for June 30, 2014)

1. Maria shows us why she shops at the farmers market.

2. Though Vi titles the shot as falls, she correctly identifies the subject in the cutline as the Deschutes River dam at the falls park. Honest, its an old dam.

3. I could link to a lot of what Mojourner writes. This piece is awesome though:
Entire towns that thrived into the 1940s have been swallowed by our temperate jungle. You might realize you are approaching one when you find yourself on a causeway, smaller trees in your path and a slit of sky above, as in the first photo. This path used to be a road, or if flat and not so curvey, a railroad. Rails and ties are gone, because like the towns, timber railroads flowed and ebbed; when the trees were cut, the rails were lifted and sent elsewhere to haul out another forest.

4. Speaking of lost places, Washington Our Home writes about the Sunset Beach Hotel:
However – being a nineteenth-century sailor – I probably would have been quickly distracted by the sounds of laughter and gaiety spilling out of the hotel’s saloon. Weekend revelers from Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia must have been imbibing their spirits for several hours by the time I strolled into the parlor, and I’d immediately feel underdressed. Piano music and cigar and cigarette smoke would fill my senses as I self-consciously approached the bar for a nightcap.


DLM said...

Mojourner's writing makes me green with envy.

Emmett said...

You and me both, DLM.