Monday, June 02, 2014

Shores, truth, passion and cans of all sizes (Olyblogosphere for June 2, 2014)

1. Along the Shores of Puget Sound by "Bees, Birds and Butterflies." I have a different opinion about the SEAA, but overall, good post right here.

2. This isn't a very interesting blog post, but this is a very interesting blog. Or, it could be, if it grew beyond the one post. Homelessness is a big deal here in Olympia. It is nice to see someone putting the effort in to cover like this.

3. A local teacher tells us not everyone needs a four year degree. That's a very true thing. Not everyone needs a cup of coffee, but everyone does need to wake up. Everyone needs to find something true for their lives, it just isn't always with a mortarboard.

4. I'll admit, Shipwreck Beads and crafting in general is something I don't get. But, Jill of All Trades gets both things, so in recognition of her passion and skill, here's a link to a mystery to me.

5. My god. I never knew this. One of the garbage cans down at the falls park is a mother-loving Olympia can.  When did this happen?


KelsyC said...

Thanks for linking up my blog!

Emmett said...

You're welcome Kelsy! Thanks for writing a great blog!