Monday, August 04, 2014

Bridges, woods, and waxwings (Olyblogosphere for August 4, 2014)

1. From Olympia WA (via olynews), the Rainbow Bridge. I wish I knew where this was. I can't place it.

2. Also from Olympia WA, a blog post about LBA Woods, and balanced:
So yes, Olympia could purchase the properties, but we wouldn’t even have a park. We’d have another project on add to our ever increasing to do list. I’m not outright saying Olympia shouldn’t try to purchase the properties, but Olympia already has a lot of unfinished projects. It’s important to consider what else we could do with that money. And before die-hard park fanatics demand my head on a plate for suggesting that Olympia shouldn’t save the LBA Woods, in the future I’ll write a piece about potential compromises and other reason why I’m torn on the subject.
This is the Olympia blog I've been waiting for.

3. "It's like they put an amusement park in the middle of downtown." YDHWM covers LakeFair and other parks of fun. The only thing you'll need to help you remember LakeFair.

4. Cedar Waxwings is a pretty cool name for a bird:
That is why I was surprised once again to notice something intriguing happening there: a whole flock of birds flitting on and off the wood pile. What was going on? From far away, these birds looked rosy in color, so I thought at first they might be finches. But in checking them out through binoculars, I discovered they were cedar waxwings, and they were "hawking" - catching food on the wing.


TVDinner said...

Looks like the track that runs under the 4th Ave bridge, parallel to West Bay Drive.

Emmett said...

Boy, you're right! Talk about hidden in plain site.