Monday, September 29, 2014

Future historians rejoice! (Olyblogosphere for September 29, 2014)

1. There are fake bees. Nothing to be scared of, Janet Partlow blogs. They aren't even the scarier of bugs. Just flies that want to be left alone.

2. Like the first rain calling coho back to the freshwater, they call Mojourner back to the blog. Or, something like that.

3. Rebels By Bus is just a cool idea and a cool blog. Some day I'm going to make the public transportation trip to this one state park in Grays Harbor. And, I'll blog about it, in honor of the Rebels. Until then, read their recent updates.

4. I've been piecing together historic storylines the last couple of years. I've often thought how easy it would be if the less famous had some ways to easily translate their thoughts. Some people have their collected notes and letters boxed up and kept at libraries. But, if you didn't publish your collected thoughts and put them in your community library, you're out of luck. Elaine Nelson made me think that I'm glad we live now, Facebook, twitter, and other things will be a boon for historians.

5. Rignall, Washington is a place. I have to learn more now. Thanks.

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