Thursday, September 25, 2014

Smith Troy project. This guy is facinating

I've been poking around for the last few years, learning everything I can about Smith Troy, one of Olympia's most infamous politicians. This is one fascinating guy. I'm going to write way more about him as I start to bring focus on my own thoughts about him. But, just to get started, here are some Smith Troy facts:

1. He was appointed Washington Attorney general when he was 33 years old. And, this is after years as the Thurston County prosecuting attorney. So, he started really young.

2. At one point in the 1930s, Smith was both the prosecutor and the coroner. Also, the sheriff was taking some time off, so he filled in there too. He was the law.

3. His wife committed suicide when she jumped out of a window at the old St. Peter's Hospital on the westside.

4. After he lost reelection in 1952 for AG, he was the lawyer behind Lemon v. Langley, which brought back dozens of state agencies that had moved from Olympia to Seattle.

5. In addition to being a track star at the University of Washington, he was a student leader in the effort to fire long time and legendary Husky football coach Enoch Bagshaw.

6. After 20 years of political retirement, Troy came back in the 1970s and served as the Thurston County prosecutor again.


dry side rocket said...

I worked for Smitty as a deputy prosecutor from 1 Jan 1973 until he retired. I'd like to communicate with you about him if you wish.
Hank McCleary
Ellensburg WA

Emmett said...

Hi Hank, please email me! let's find a way to connect.

Unknown said...

I have a book given to my great grandfather who worked under Smith Troy, the inscription on the inside of the cover reads, "Much have I sorrowed, Learning to my cost, That a book that's borrowed, is a book that is lost." signed Smith Troy. I certainly would love to learn more about your findings. Especially anything including William or Chet Breuer also close to Mr Troy. Feel free to email me

Unknown said...

My mother was Mr. Troy's secretary in the 70s. Her name was Marilyn Workland. Unfortunately she passed away in 1986 from cancer at 48 years of age. I was in my early teens.

Unknown said...

Should have left my email,

Anonymous said...

I was Smith’s Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor from January—September, 1971; his first 8 months in office. He replaced everyone that had been on the staff of Jerry Buzzard—Smith’s predecessor—except for me. Smith shared innumerable stories of his experiences in Olympia—including his personal life. I attempted on several occasions to persuade him to write the story of his life (as well as Olympia history) but he always evaded the idea. We used to drive around the area and he would act as a history guide. Ward Rathbone 360-970-1041;