Monday, October 27, 2014

Go directly to 5 and take the survey! Then reverse and review your blog links! (Olyblogosphere for October 27, 2014)

1.Over at MT, more reading as the days get shorter.

2. I'm a young pup. I'm involved, but I didn't show. Mostly because young pups have young families.

3. "Recent donation stirs up controversy over bookstore Jelly Belly machine" is such a perfect college newpaper headline. But, the issue at stake here is actually worth reading the article for.

4. Apparently, the city council has been skating around the edges with money raised specifically for sidewalks and parks (here and here).

5. Did I tell you to take the LBA survey? Take the LBA Survey from Olympia's Best Damn Blog!!

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Anon the Great said...

Ken Basley is our Bob "get off my lawn' Dole.