Monday, December 22, 2014

Sigh. Boy. Remember when? (Olyblogosphere for December 22, 2014)

1. The Sky Like A Scallop Shell is a pretty good blog. But, this particular post of this pretty good blog is very epic. In an Olympia sort of way.
She was about 10 years his junior and kept mentioning her husband, but stayed consistently polite as he told her about his opinions on just about every restaurant in town, the important projects he’d worked on, how he liked to go dancing, and how he was single at the moment but usually had a lady friend.
Read read read. Read the entire thing. Do your job and read it.

2. Its this time of year, so here's Heather Lockman's 2012 post on Christmas Island (which was tweeted recently by the Olympia Historical Society).

3. Local writer Ryan M. Williams has a podcast. Which is totally in its 10th Episode. Listen!

4. Looking back in the memory of Olympia blogs, does anyone remember Crack Hole? Man. Talk about some meadows goodness out there.

5. Walking across mudflats: Please don't f*****g do that. You will die. It will be terrible.

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