Monday, January 19, 2015

Left undone or not done well at all (Olyblogosphere for January 19, 2015)

1. Washington, our home, talks about posts left unfinished.

2. Stuff With October brings you a mildly infuriating floor tile somewhere in Olympia

3. If you don't know Mathias Eichler and the massive impact he's had on Olympia in a short time, then getting researching. Most of that impact seemingly is in the past, but he's still around and kicking. Catch up with his 2014.

4. The best blog in Olympia is doing Olympia Visions. Awesome. Simply awesome.

5. Birds, Bees, and Butterflies and their Owls in the Ravines.

1 comment:

YLlama said...

I'm pretty sure that tiling is in the Security Building (4th and Washington).