Monday, February 09, 2015

One epic post on rail that beats me to the ground and four other random posts (Olyblogosphere for February 9, 2015)

1. Wow. The best blog in Olympia delivers again. This makes my post about Olympia and Sound Transit look like historic revisionism crap. Read this post (Link Fixed! Thanks TVDinner!) that dives really deep in to the policy of local rail.

2. Ecotone is an Olympia blog. Maybe not about Olympia, but blogged from Olympia. So, Maybe the 12th man should be for the greater good.

3. Gary also blogs from Olympia. He is NOT retired guys.

4. Why do they want to close the art gallery at Evergreen?

5. The future of the Co-op, being surveyed.


TVDinner said...

Daw! The link to the rail post goes to the co-op story. I can't wait to read the rail link!

Pant pant

Emmett said...

GAH! How many times am I going to do that?? Link fixed! Come on Emmett!